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Ah I think you're selling yourself and your caveman brain short there..
A skill you've learned over 35 years of experience, is a skill to be proud of and it'll always score more points on a course than any piece of swanky kit you could buy.

The problem is... for a newcomer to the sport, they want a shortcut to that 35 years.. they don't want to squeeze it into just 10 years either, they want it in 6-12 months (actually much sooner than that, but they'll settle for 6-12 months)

So what can you do to speed up the process?

That's the idea behind the articles, to get people up to a reasonable level as quickly as possible. Experience and practice will trump expensive equipment every time, but while you're gaining that experience it helps to have a bit of a leg up. Some of it might be a bit technical, but it's down to the reader to decide which bits they want to use and which bits they'll ignore or perhaps come back to later on.
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