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Yeah ... the old joke of what English sport has bits of wood at both ends and a chain in the middle.

35 years of playing on them, cutting them and inspecting them has branded 22 yards into my brain. So I just estimate a pitch from the peg and then it's either 2 x for 45 yards ... 1.5 times for aim bang on ( @ 35 ) or somewhere in between for 40.

I do enjoy reading your articles Bri and they must be of great value to shooters of all levels ... so many thanks.

I really have no problem with sport moving with technology and no problem with folk spending their money on whatever kit they wish. Like you say, it will always be the shooter and not the kit that wins comps.

I choose to shoot the old boinger with a 30/30 ret and just use the mark 1 guessometer to range. Then aim up a bit or down a bit.

To be honest, especially for my caveman brain, it can all get too complicated. 2 years ago I was doing quite well and then felt I was missing out on something with all these multi aim point rets and ranging techniques. So I got a half mil dot scope and read up about bracketing etc. At each peg you could see the smoke coming out of my ears as I second guessed my initial thoughts. My scores went down and down. I presumed it was just because courses had become much harder with more 15mm kills and 25mm at 40 yards etc ... and that may still be the case ... and the fact I'm not that good.

A few weeks ago I decided to go back to 30/30 ret ( also thought the half mil dot was losing zero ) and just go back to the chain method and just enjoy. Since then my last 3 knocks have been ok. Probably very lucky and a low 40's score is probably coming up next. ... but it seems basic suits me.

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