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Thanks for that Brian. I always enjoy reading your articles.

It's very very similar to the chain method I've used for 10 years. That works well for me.

I must admit it does make me giggle a little. I remember 10 years or more ago when HFT kicked in ( in it's organised form ) and there was a determination that this would be for standard kit with ranging done by eye and none of this devilry of high mag scopes being used to rangefind( like those technology obsessed FT boys ). Now we see Star Wars looking target rifles and multi aim point scopes ... and pieces of software that can be used to store rangefinding info on pocket computers. This is to knock down tin chickens out to 45 yards.

... but God forbid ... no little piece of wool hanging off your barrel to tell you which way the wind is blowing ( but smoking is fine ).

All good fun eh!

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