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Originally Posted by Ratgunner View Post
Kibworth Shooting Ground (Near Leicester East midlands) AirGun: 25 quid per annum/20 quid old git! (65) 2.5 quid shoot all day (Members)

We have two covered Shooting sheds for Air Gunners one of which is for Leicester Airgun Club Members which also accomodates strays and wandererers as you do,

Corporate days etc are catered for with professional tutoring for all comers, a large and well organized Skeet Area is offered,

Plus a large linear range area for the fiendish courses for Air Gun enthusiasts laid by our resident Sadistic Gits! that Boggle Your Scopes,

A Cafe that serves the famed Kibby Brekky All Day.

And a Bunch Of Assorted Nutters, that will in the most Friendly Way, Make Your Day.

Please note: This is my opinion on the best Range in Britain, and not an advert.
Your joking mate I can name 4 that are better without even trying, brekky not bad but I've had better
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