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Originally Posted by Woody View Post
But what is your shooting goal for 2013! or any shoot that you attend! (Donít write it on the forum, as it should be a personal goal, achievable by pushing yourself forward.
One I can put up is not to get beaten by Jemma to much
The other will stay with me but score wise I do not really care I just enjoy going out and having a laugh with like minded people.

Originally Posted by Woody View Post
It's great to lose some weight and also healthy, plus great to practice a lot of standers (I do the same) - but yet again why are you doing it!
Standers is due to not being able to kneel correctly as the long cold damp weather over the last 6 months or so is playing up my right knee joint to the extend of not able to bend it past 90 deg. Never been this bad before and the doctors advised a bit less weight might assist the joint. Also I do not like using the alternative position so I take my option of doing the kneeling shots standing, making them harder but more satisfaction when they go down, hence the extra practice.

For example Newbury shoot got the 1st pair of standers, 3 on then first kneelers, 9 and 3 on the next pair of standers and cleared the last pair of kneelers. The 3 and 9's were on the edge of kill as well so not sure if it was me or wind drift.

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