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Originally Posted by AndyIoW View Post
For me this comment rings true and thus I am making efforts to reduce the extra 'width'.

Also practising standers more and changing the stock slightly. I am hoping, therefore, it makes a difference by the time the Season starts.

Looking at the BFTA draft notes I would like to try and do at least 7 of the rounds but depends on the locations of 1, 2 and 3 once decided. East Devon, Iceni, Nelson and Bisley are definates if it stays.
Hi Andy,

But what is your shooting goal for 2013! or any shoot that you attend! (Donít write it on the forum, as it should be a personal goal, achievable by pushing yourself forward.

It's great to lose some weight and also healthy, plus great to practice a lot of standers (I do the same) - but yet again why are you doing it!

I say again mate I donít want to know, it should be your goal. I would imagine all the top boys have one to be able to stay focused over a x40/x50 target course and again then over a full season.

Anyway just my thoughts.


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