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Default 2012 Gp season summery, of missed targets

Gp1- North Oxon (42)
REV was superb today, dai 36 Exacts stright from tim, no lube or sizeing.
Wind was up

35m for wind (split)
47m -under ranges 2m and gave too much wind
25mm Reducer - low and left (poor follow through)
25mm reducer - gave no wind!
long full kill - no details
40m - under ranged by 2.5 m
Missed the two long (47+42m?) tower shotas for wind

Gp2 -MAD (44)

REV was superb today, dai 36 Exacts + no 27 leup
Wind in open, None in woods as such

long 45m - not enough wind
40m - Went stright (no wind!)
40m STANDER - Happy to hit plate after night out !
32m Reducer (25ml) (split on uphill shot)
32m stander
45m high up tree at top of hill, Gave too much wind (could have stayed inside edge!!)

GP3 -Tawd Vale (44)

Dai 36 and REV + no 27 leup were superb and I dont think the Leup was at fault really,
Hardly any wind


40m - wind
35m STANDER (pulled)
50m (pulled)
40m (Forgot to give wind!)
45 m (over ranged?)
45m (pellet went high, over ranged or Kestrel)

Dai 36 and REV were superb and I dont think the Leup was at fault really, think it was me.

Gp4 - MAD (all woods) (45)

No wind
No 27 scope on "Priest" firing 4.50 sized dai 39 were spot on.

35+m Longish kneeler, (no ballence on uneven slope)
43m - under ranged while struggling with over weight belly on uphill shot
45m - under ranged by 2.5 m, again struggled with high tree shot and ranging/ breathing !!
40m Kneeler - Pulse in arm!
Stander - no details but think abut 30+ m

gp5 Anston (46) = Joint top score + trophy

REV + no 27 leup + dai 36 stright from tin
Propper wind

Noticed on first few targets pellets going low so decided to add +2.5 to anything over 35m (Just had new glasses!)

47m - wind
47m - wind
42m - wind
Reducer - 32m x25mm (snatched at moving target!)

Gp6 tondu (43 - but 44 to me!)

REV + no 27 + die 5 striahgt from tin (could not find d36 at shoot start!!)
Average wind for tondu

40m kneeler (over new pond) - wind
37m - Wind (top pond)
Kneeler - 35m ish (Poor position of knee on stoney ground)
Long 45m+ (gave too much wind over top ponds)
42m - (owl) not enough wind
Technically hit T18, rat up bank twice but lost the hit due to string!
Pipe 45m - Pellet went low, half inch under 6!

gp7 - Emley (43)

Rev + no 27 + d36
Hardly any wind, but head not in it today

45m - bounced off 6 edge
45m - Wind
45 - Gave wind when there was none!
Stander 40 m - may have over gussed range?
30m Reducer 25mm - bad shot, fired when out of kill
45m - wind (half kill, aimed centre!)
Stander - 37m+ (tennis ebow started this shoot)

Gp8 -east Devon (47)

Gp8 East Devon 2012
Mostly in kill, but some good shots in new fallen tree section

47m -wind
40 m up tree - Wind
40m stander - pellet went half inch high despite being rock steady! (duff pellet?)

gp 9 Far coley (45)

50m - over ranged by 2.5m as it was 2.5m
Stander - Short 20m ish, pulled shot instead of taking breather
Stander 40m - (elbow pain)
18m - x 15ml - (low and left, duff pellet)
37+ m Kneeler - Wind!

so to Sum up and how to re-pklan the Tondu gp practise course:

Long 30m + standers cost me 9 misses, mix of poor shooting and odd duff pellet?
Long Kneelers , 35m + cost me 5 misses, 2 were wind 3 were bad shots

Thus its easy to see why positional shots are so crucial to Ft and have to be done on alevel playing field, not ones arse!

Maybe a change to the Mr.d standing position on the hampster will help with the standers?
Kneelers, just need to use all the bag when the ground conditions say so.

25ml reducer over 30m, need a bit more care on those.

The long sitters over 45m were where most misses went, but thats FT?

couple of duff pellet shots i am sure but have taken to inspecting pellets for Comp use now instead of just tipping out from a tin.
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