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Originally Posted by paula View Post
Rob / Alisha
"I rest my case" lol (thanks Gerry & Darryl)
Ok this is a competitive sport we're playing, However I would like to believe we're all doing it for "ENJOYMENT", the fun of it.
So why would anyone mind if Alisha is having fun shooting ? and if they do mind then they are not welcome at Treetops.
Once Alisha's new gun turns up then we can start work finding out her strengths and pushing her scores up
which may give any "Wingers"a fright lol.
Phil , yes its competitive , but some guys go way over the top & lose the original fun concept .

Yes , I like to win , but even more , I like seeing people have fun .

Trust me , if I have any dealings with one of these whingers .... he'll have a face full of me to deal with .

I'm chuffed to bits that the young lady is shooting .

The fact she's having fun is a bonus & if she whips some sorry assed whinger... so much the better .

Phil , you guys have a great set up , & its so good to see you supporting the family part of air gun shooting .

Clearly Darryl feels the same as I do .

Go for it matey !!!
Isuza imBuzi . . . . . .
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