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Well, on that basis we are dirt cheap. 24 per annum for adults and a quid a time range fee. Open 7 days a week to members, even got floodlights for winter evenings. Tea and coffee are free but if you don't like powdered milk then bring your own fresh stuff. 300 bar air is also free. Under 18s pay half the above.

OK we don't have an indoor facility, you have to be brave enough to withstand the weather, but we do have a 42 yard pipe range where you can zero your rig in a howling gale if you want.

Downside for some people, we are a bit of a trek to get to, being an hour from the nearest motorway, half an hour from the nearest dual carriageway, and 14 miles from the nearest traffic lights. But if you want seclusion and freedom from the rat race it has to come at a price.
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