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Session 1
Grego Hensman
Matt Furlong
Peter Foote
Ian Treadwell
Steve Cartledge
Kevin Gaunt
Michelle Pullen
Dave Goldsberry
Dave Martin
mick mctighe
ken gould
Matt Ford
Nigel Smith
Tom Morgans
Gerry Baillon
Simon Howarth
Pete Minchin
Simon Harrison
Gary chillingworth
jean Greatrex
alex larkin
Sir Ian of Bainbridge
Darrin Lynn - Recoiling
Tony Male
Rob Lamerton
Andy Jones
Elliott Compton
Harry Compton
Ian Hunter
Dave Hunter
Philip Smith
John Amos
Marc Heckford
Dave Benyon
Geoff Watkinson
Mike Everson
Neil Tatton
Paul Spencer

Session 2
Greg Hensman
Jade Young
Ross Young
Denny Lane
Paul Brittain?
Mark Thompson
Kathy Thompson
Hannah Underwood
Gary Duplock
Chris Duplock
Rob Mobley
Pete Dunn
Andy Dickson
Clive Evans
Brynn Evans Jnr
Wayne Marriott
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