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I'm not sure if anybody knows, but my 'little girl', Alisha, is a bit disabled. Because of this, it is not a good idea for her to lay in the 'prone' position.

She seems to really like shooting and Treetops seems to have become 'our club'. We are collecting her new gun this coming Friday, setting up Saturday, HFT club Sunday at Treetops.

I'm putting this out there because she maybe 'seen' as having an advantage due to the position she needs to shoot in for her disability. Basically kneeling on a mat resting the gun on a stool to keep her neck straight.

We will be trying to find some other ways for her to shoot in a more 'normal' way, but that will take time. Her new gun is a Brocock Contour XL, a very light gun that she can use rather than mine that is to big for her! This smaller gun may help her to find a better position to shoot from, but she will never be able to lay 'prone' or be very steady in the standing position.

We will understand if people have a problem with this when it comes to club point scoring, but it would be nice to know if anybody minds her shooting from this position?

Phil and Paula, I know your cool with this .

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