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Originally Posted by hawk1 View Post
Hi All

Just wondering what is a average rate is for a hft shoot.? Can't remember HFT's, but national BFTA shoots are 10 for the GP's and i think winter leagues are around 5.

And how much do you pay for membership and does that cover insurance est ? Membership varies between 30-50 for my clubs, and i get charged 2-2.50 range fee at the two more expensive subbed clubs

how many times do you get to shoot at your club in a month.? every week at one, when i like at the other, and whenever i can sort something else at the other one

What do you pay at your club per shoot and does your club make a profit out of it.? I think 2 of my clubs make a profit, and one breaks even

Are we in it to make a profit.? Nope, but profit is often needed for future investment, and contingency. Saves sudden urgent fund raisings.

At my club we pay 50 per year for adults and 25 per year for juniors and oap,s this also covers our insurance.

For this we have excess to a indoor rang two nights a week. 1.50 range Fee.(Free tea and coffee)

We also have a HFT site which we shoot at least ones a month for which we pay 4.50 all of which goes to the land owner.

Is this a good deal ?

Should we be paying more?

Sounds good to me. It's hard to put a price on a club, there's more to it than just the range facilities itself... things like how accessible it is, how well run, how easy it is to shoot, how often, how easy it is to get to, etc etc...

I would happily pay more for ground with a full time ft & HFT course on it with room for rearrangement, nice plinking and facilities. I'd almost kill for 50m indoors, and i would pay more for a modern indoor facilty. I'd probably saw a body part off for all of the above to be all in one place, and two parts for it to be near me!
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