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If you've got a mildot scope and your club uses standard targets (Nockover or Gamo) then you can bracket the distance to the target more accurately than you can with a laser range finder.

I'm updating the rangefinding manual I wrote years ago because things have moved on quite alot since I wrote it back in 2006.

If you want to produce a custom bracketing chart and you have an iOS device (iPhone, iPad, IPod touch) or an Android phone/tablet then you could download my HFT bracketing chart app which might help you.

Search for HFT Mildots in the App Store or Google Play.
See here for some info on the app -

Also have a quick read of the basic rangefinding article in the Novice to Ninja series

I'm writing the next article in the series which goes into more specifics about how to range find by eye combined with how to use your scopes parallax to help you.
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