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Originally Posted by hawk1 View Post
Hi All

Just wondering what is a average rate is for a hft shoot.? Depends usually under a tenner

And how much do you pay for membership and does that cover insurance est ?

how many times do you get to shoot at your club in a month.? Whenever I want dawn until dusk - Greyhound and Anston, Shepreth every other Sunday

What do you pay at your club per shoot and does your club make a profit out of it.? 3 p/w (Greyhound), (30 or 40 p/a Anston/Shepreth)and I hope so

Are we in it to make a profit.? Personally no, but I hope organisations/clubs make a profit so they become self funding and pay whatever it costs to put on the shoots I go to

At my club we pay 50 per year for adults and 25 per year for juniors and oap,s this also covers our insurance.

For this we have excess to a indoor rang two nights a week. 1.50 range Fee.(Free tea and coffee)

We also have a HFT site which we shoot at least ones a month for which we pay 4.50 all of which goes to the land owner.

Is this a good deal ?

Should we be paying more?

Compared to most sports air rifle shooting is damn good value for money, unless a club owns the land then the person who does has to make a profit for the club to be viable especially if they're a farmer giving up crop space. One thing I don't agree with is charging for coaching or advice which most club members would happily give for free if they could.

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