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Originally Posted by nemesis View Post
Can you pin point why your missing your standers?is it sideways movement?.
Analysing other people's stance and copying them won't necessarily help you,what works for one isn't necessary right for someone else.
Provided you've got the basic stance right,ie making sure your hips/ feet are 90/95 deg to the target,it's a matter then of slightly adapting it to suit you.
simple Neil, mind over matter
Some days i just know Standers are going down, somedays carrying all this weight is too much

Well kind of. Been missing them of late as my butt hook is also positioned wrongly.
Indeed i suggested gadget made a slight alteration to his butt hook after trying his gun today and he too found the same as me, just small amount out can have a big effect on standers
I think there is a lot to be learnt from copying other top Ft shooters, then adapting to suit if needs be.
The Switch to the mr.D hampster position is not something i had tried previuosly, it definatley seemed to make it more stable, despite the mis aligned butt hook
Other than that its my feet in the wrong position that usually sees me aiming right of the kill, thats what i get with your 90/95 description.

Originally Posted by berty177 View Post
You'll get it right in the end fella...

My position suits me due to having a wide back and chest. No comments please haha...


Get it right? I dont think its been too far out in the Gp season. Did not miss many? Its just another new position to try, but I think we are now heading towards your large chest

Originally Posted by HotShot View Post
Probably best not copying my standing technique until I figure one out that works
Good point on the short standers Dave, but i have marvelled at the ease you have knocked down 30 - 45 yard standers

Then missed the 15 - 20 yarders lol

Originally Posted by ellis d View Post
Simon, The reason mr "D" hits more standers than you is because he practices them alot....also he is better shot
I suspect your right on both accounts. Though i do actually do what seems to me alot of standing practise. usulally only 2 - 4 targets at a time though in a session as i feel like a break then lol but i repeat this a number of times in a day.
I missed 3 today, but hit 7 out of the 10 standers on the course. Thats without the plinking standers. thats enough for me lol
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