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Originally Posted by NJR 100 View Post
Top day at tondu.

busy with memberships and new faces so did not start shooting till about 12!

Gadget and I shot the practise course today and after a few wet weeks away it was nice to get back on it.
May have lost a few Quid (like fisher today lol) since millride as i was not struggling so much with our uphill banks shots.

Finshed 37 ex 40, all standers missed.

And thats the interesting part. been looking at photos of those better than myself (not that many your right lol) at hitting targets over. In the 2012 gp series, over all 9 rounds only Mr.D hit more than me on 401, technically I am claiming 400 hits though i was only awarded 399, same as Berty.
Now I have been copying Bertys style of stander and it seemed to work. but i noticed Mr.d and others such as hotshot use theor stocks with hampsters down on standers.
The current stock of choice, no 1 stock i am tending to presfere for sitters with hampster down so i thaught give it a go on the first standing lane. 27m. rock solid! two easy hits.

The standers i missed today were a 22m easy one where i did not do my coat up or move the but hook, sloppy.
Missed a 33m stander that is usually shot sitting and really it was only a lack of good fott space that cost, then missed the other easy 22 m stander when i went back to"berty" standing mode!

Overall though very impressed with the Mr.D stander position, hit both 35m stnader and was very steady on them! more practise on this in the week?

was on form today with 4.50 sized die 39, lubed. Slight breeze, enough to take you out on 42m + high or pond targets as Gadget found to his cost, he missed 8 which for a b class shooter was good going.

Bad news about Mr.O crashing his push bike today. expected to be in hostpital for a couple of three days so looks like next weeks trip to Dowry hill to pick up REV could be off?
Have left a get well message on his answer machine and th offer of no 1 sons old stabalisers, as they not been needed for a few years down here!
Simon, The reason mr "D" hits more standers than you is because he practices them alot....also he is better shot
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