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Originally Posted by Jamesy View Post
Thanks lads! I'm still here...
The op went well on the morning of the 27th Dec and they told me that the brain tumour is out and gone, i have a rather large scar on me bald bonce now! But at least it's better than having something growing inside there that shouldn't be.. well, that's the good news but everything else is unknown as yet. I can't drive until the surgeons and the DVLA decide i'm fit to, i've got to have some more chemo possibly radiotherapy to my head/lungs, but agin i'm not sure until i see the specialists again and i have no appointment for that at the moment.
So, i'm ok, getting about fine, sleeping steadily better, eating well due to the steroids they're giving me to reduce the slight swelling in my brain and starting to get bored sitting on the sofa watching the TV.
I have a cunning plan to see if Di will run me up to the shoot this coming Sunday though.
Top stuff. Did they do any upgrades while they had the bonnet up or did they just jam in some body filler and give you a quick blast of laquer?
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