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Originally Posted by nemesis View Post
Hi Gary,
I wouldn't rely on your laser rangefinder they can be out +/- 3 yards,much better to get the tape measure out,that way you'll know for certain it's right,nor would I take it for granted that plotting your trajectory on just one day is accurate,it can take afew weeks fine tuning it.
All it takes is a slight head wind plus slightly down on power and it can throw it out,just take your time with it and don't rush it.
At the comp pull the first few targets up to see the poi,and make adjustments accordingly.
It will either work or it won't Neil.. Better weather and a little time and I am sure it will come along.

I am under no pressure and could do with a low score at Redfearns for my grade calc, it would be nice to hit the Classic in C grade.

Its a win win situation.
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