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Originally Posted by HotShot View Post
All I am hearing is excuses

My gun is bang on and the clicks are perfect - if I shoot rubbish then it will be me and not the gun
Excuses for what Dave, I shoot sh!t anyway, regardless of clicks, zero or not the result would likely be the same.

I just need a decent enough day for checking set up, knocked the barrel and scope last week after getting clicks/zero, but it should be close. I am in no competition its all just about getting better at the moment, I have no great expectations and have not fully decided on express over exacts yet. The gun is working fine it is now all down to me setting it up right and practice.

Still like Redfearns I really like shooting there.

P.S Gained 12lb's over Christmas, diet and exercise resumed today wanna be back into my 32" waist jeans again by the end of January. Weather looks better for tomorrow will try and check tomorrow ready for Sunday.

These are the numbers there close to chairgun with 7.9gr express at 800fps. It was done when conditions were not the best though. No inbetween numbers yet.

yards clicks
55 +5.0
50 +3.6
45 +2.4
40 +1.0
36 zero
30 zero
25 - 4
20 zero
15 +2.4
10 +1-1.4

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