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Default Springfield New Years Day shoot results

Thanks to everyone who turned up today especially to our furthest travelled shooter, Greg Morss. Well done on your score today Greg and safe journey home tomorrow.
Nice to see Mr Woods returning to the FT side for a practice shoot before Germany.well done mate and nice shooting round with you today.
Bets are on

1Greg Morss78HFT
2Alex Larkin75HFT
3Jennie Stone73HFT
4Bill Chaplin73HFT
5Simon Vant73HFT
6Dave Lillywhite71HFT
7Gill Cochrane71HFT
8Cliff Williams70HFT
9Glen Pickard69HFT
10Lloyd Davies69HFT
11Ray Hampton68HFT
12Finn Cochrane66HFT
13Peter J Edwards66HFT
14Dennis Oakes65HFT
15David Allum64HFT
16Steve Freeman63HFT
17Earl Lange63HFT
18Penny Freeman56HFT
19Richard Woods36AA
20Dave Hollingdale35AA
22Barry McDonald32AA
23Phil Lawrence36A
24Dave O'Connor35A
25Matt Edwards28A
26Graham Jopson27A
27Natalie McDonagh35B
28Peter Bygraves34B
29John Kearey30B
30Clive Pearson28B
31Peter T Edwards27B
32Christina Hollingdale22C
Thanks to Ray for showing me how to put the scores up.

See you all on Saturday 12th January
cheers. Barry
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