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Originally Posted by Gar73 View Post
Keeping it real Neil. Unless your in Nefta you ain't shooting against the best.
He is in NEFTA or am i missed something here ?

On the cusp of being moderately serious for a moment God help me ............ MFTA & NEFTA can both field elite shooters but if you looked further than your Styer graph's from atmospheric greenhouse group testing at 18 yards and looked at the depth of field across AA in both regions it will give you an indication of quality on both parts you split them hardly on recent Inters scores but look at individual track record results .....................

To be fair Neil, I shot Emley today, yes it was a b1tch of a wind but not a comp, hats off to anyone who is steady away in lottery conditions.

To much being serious can very talk about sprouts now ?
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