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Originally Posted by popsheep View Post
It realy did;nt bother me that it was covered as I can see why would any other club want to show MAD off .
As Sparky said I did;nt want it printed on in the first place .
But dont worry any other club as I;m keeping that banner and we will put it up when Mad have a shoot .
I;ve got the new UKAHFT banner ordered, it will be on show at Quarry with no mention of MAD .,
see you all at the next shoot and all the best
Who;s paying Dave Martin??????? or does he want a transfer for next year ??????

With all things considered i'd put the MAD name on the banner mate, granted your a bunch of posing gits but in hindsight you put a hell of alot into HFT as a club. So put the name on it!!!!
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