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Not sure on how the db is handled. The big idea was that it was on a cluster which had redundancy. That does kick in when there's an issue but the db is backed up daily. Because vb inserts posts etc with id's we can roll back but we can't splice from old to new because we'd have loads of differing data with the same id. So it's either roll back and lose new data or keep forward but lose the outage data.
I'm looking into a more solid setup. If I have Cpanel (which I don't at the moment) I can automate daily backups independent of the host and roll backup there's any problems but by going with someone bigger there shouldn't be the issues in the first place.
The biggest issue at the moment is working out the server load requirements. I know how much transfer we do but I'm not sure how much ram or processor we use on average and at peak. If I'm going to jump I want comfy sofa not fire
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