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Originally Posted by Delphinus View Post
Interesting replay can you tell us more?
Most pellets that work for me are generally in the 8.4 weight , 4.52 size range. When I've had problems with pellet batches I have found that the tail dias seem to be slightly smaller than norm.
An example being RWS Superfields old ones over 3yrs.
The newer pellets did not shoot as well;checking them out I found that they had the head dias increased and the tail dias decreased compared to the older pellet;they were favoured by some of the top shooters once.
Sizeing in this case would be a waste of time as I needed the tail dia increased.As I had a micrometer I spent some time putting pellets in the anvil and increasing the jaw pressure to squeeze the pellet and hopefully increase the tail dia.In theory it seemed good but resulted in a flat spot on the head surface and not very successful in increasing the tail dia.
I tried getting the next size up 4.53,these would size down to 4.52 but were stiffer and thicker in section due to compression.and didn't shoot again as well as the original 3yrs + pellets which were thin enough to adapt tail shape to air compresion. forces.
The pellet has to be bigger than the size you wish initially to work.
One of the old BIC ballpoint casings would be a better bet to ensure consistancy of size.
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