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Sorry guys results are here. Cards were left in the club over Christmas.

HFT. Open
1st. Lloyd Davies. 52
2nd. Mike Isaac. 52
3rd. Darren Quincey. 51
4th. Jill Cochrane. 50. Ladies
5th. Kim Quincey. 46. Ladies
5th. Finn Cochrane. 46
7th. Callum Quincey. 44. Junior
8th. Cathal Gough. 39
9th. Paul Gough. 36

HFT. Springer
1st. Kyle Hampton. 48
2nd. Roger Lait. 47
3rd. Nick Thomas. 46
4th. Simon Vant. 43 .22
5th. Steve Freeman. 41

1st. Craig McDonald. 28
2nd Dave (holly)Hollingdale. 28
3rd. Peter Bygrave. 27
3rd. Phil Lawrence. 27
5th. Barry McDonald. 26
5th. Dave O'Connor. 26
5th. Matt Edwards. 26
5th. Peter. J Edwards. 26
9th. Graham Jopson. 25
10th. Peter T Edwards. 24
10th. Ian Challis snr. 24
12th. Stan Kempton. 23
13th. Ian Young. 22
13th. Alex Boddy. 22
15th. Natalie McDonagh. 21
15th. John Walker. 21
17th. Iain Challis. Jnr. 13. Junior
18th. Christina Hollingdale 12

The 65 yards shot was won by Phil Lawrence

Thanks to everyone who turned up and look forward to seeing you on New Years Day

Cheers. Barry
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