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The HFT Mildots app is now available for Android too, sorry for the delay.

I'm still writing the next couple of articles in the HFT Novice to Ninja series - the next one covers rangefinding using a combination of scope parallax and the Mk1 eyeball, and the one after that will cover mildot bracketing in depth.

But before those are available, you might want to start capturing some custom faceplate bracketing information using the app.

Thanks to everyone who's purchased the app so far, interestingly a larger than expected percentage of the sales so far have been outside of the UK. Bracketing at clubs that normally host UKAHFT events is becoming increasingly more difficult with so many custom faceplates (although not impossible) but if you're shooting HFT outside of the UK you might be able to gain an advantage until the course setters catch up.
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