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Originally Posted by Gary Martin View Post
if i were to put my eye to the scope, and before i touched the side wheel, and a whistle was called, would i have the full two minutes when the restart came, or would the clock be restarted at the time of the whistle.
Going back the original question the answer would be what ever time is left on the clock.Sometimes you can see/hear a marshal being called for and then I warn the shooter that a whistle may be blown.

After a you will get into a routine before you put your eye to the scope, for example mine is
  • Bean bag down on ground
  • pull stings to find targets
  • Sit on beanbag were allowed to
  • look at first target and estimate range
  • adjust sidewheel so its at a distance lower than estimated one
  • cock rifle and put pellet into breach
  • lift string to check for wind direction and looking at the right target
  • close bolt and put body and rifle in direction of target
  • put eye to scope

If I am marshalling I usually say 'clock on' so the shooter knows the clock is now running.
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