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Originally Posted by Jamesy View Post
Possible change in plan, could be going in on the 26th for an early start on the 27th, depending on the casualty numbers over the silly season. If there's a spare bed then i'll be in on Boxing day night, it will make it easier on Di and my sister as the kids are off school and al the family is together.
The tumour is approximately an inch in diameter and an inch into the left hand side of my brain, they rarely start off at the outer edge when they have travelled there from somewhere else in the body, so i'll lose some of my hair styleee.. Could be in hospital for up to five days but two is more common, will most likely miss the Emley shoot now too. Can't be helped, as what's better for the family is what matters most.
At least things are moving forwards in as positive a manner as they can Paul. A shame you'll miss Emley, but other things are a bit more important
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