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Default PCP charging bottle filling VERY fast ?


I bought a 12l 300 bar bottle the other week. I got it filled and have charged up my MPR twice with it from 100 to 180.

No matter how slowly I open the knob on the top of the bottle, it fills the gun to 180 from 100 in a split second. The last bottle I had (owned it for 10 years) was very controlable. I could jently open the valve until the needle hit a 'solid' spot (say 100 psi if it were low) then very slowly open the valve a little by little and slowly control the air going into the gun up to 190.

I had full control.

With this bottle, it's instant form 100 to about 180, maybe 170 if I'm stupidly careful with the knob. Then the last 10 psi or so is very hard to trickle in. Just does not seem right??

What do you guys think, how controlable should it be ??

I've taken the bottle off sale and going back to the shop tomorrow for a refund if it's wrong. I was selling it because it's to big to carry well, but with this filling problem, I can't sell it. I thought it was me, but I'm not sure now??

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