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Originally Posted by 5teve L View Post
UKAHFT rule.

A question was raised at a recent shoot by members of another club over the positioning of one of the targets as the kill could only be seen from the left hand side of the peg and that this was against ukahft rules.

Having gone through the rules on the ukahft web site I can see nothing regarding such a rule.

It does say that 50% of the kill must be viewable from the peg and the whole kill from 2ft from the peg and that it should be able to be shot by both left and right handed shooters. But nothing about from both sides of the peg.

Can any one clarify this?
There is no problem with that type of target as far as I can tell from your description & it doesn't really qualify as an obscured shot.

The Obscured target rule doesn't specify a side of the peg on purpose, as long as 50% is visible from 6" up the peg & 100% from 2ft off the peg it can be from the left or right of the peg.
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