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Default BKL's

Casey, I am a bit heavy handed when tightening the mounts. BKL's are the only way to go. If you strip a screw you only need to run an 8-32 tap through and use the 8-32 screw making them bulletproof. I have totally destroyed the Sportsmatch adjustables with the windage screws plowing up and out of their receiver holes. BKL makes a drooper mount, the 260-7. I think the older 260-4 was better as the .007" is too much for my guns with the .004" being spot on. I just shim in the end to be honest. I can only afford the BKL's, but there is a company called Kelbly that's famous in the centerfire world. They make a mount that looks very much like the 2-piece BKL's. You'd have to call and see if an 11mm version is made.
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