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Originally Posted by raygun View Post
Hi Steve,

The target could not be shot in the same manner by both right and left handed shooters. Coming off the peg for a right hander is opposed to what a left hander would do.
I would say the target was unfair as it could not be shot in the same manner by both shooters.

Looking at the rules I would say that the handing of the shot ie "has to be able to be shot by both left and right handed shooters" is what you go off.

I was just trying to get a definitive answer for the person from the horses mouth so to speak as there seems to be some confusion.

I always thought you could obscure half kill from the peg & when off the peg 2 foot a full kill was seen, as long as you made sure it wasn't impossible to shoot & had a similar shot somewhere on the course, I understand this is not the case though as you say Ray.

I am a lefty, with the 2 foot from the peg rule if someone sets a target to be shot off the right & set properly I can manage OK by either putting a knee or something on the peg, or an elbow & shoot from my hand. This needs to be set up correctly though on flat terrain or it doesn't work.. I quite like shots like that, but I suppose if not set correctly it causes problems.
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