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Originally Posted by Jamesy View Post
Sorry to have to bring more bad news... went for my latest scans this week and after speaking to the Oncologist on Thursday and telling him of the headaches i've been having he wanted me in for an MRI scan on my head to confirm what he suspected, so i went back later in the day and had it done. Then went to see him again and it showed a tumour on the front of my brain.
He said that it's usually a pretty straight forward op and that they can start with the radiotherapy usually within a fortnight, so i've got an appointment to see the Neurosurgeons on Monday the 24th of Dec at Sheffield to discuss what they're gonna do and when, could be as early as the 28th of Dec but i'd rather put it off until the new year.. don't want the family having to traipse through to Sheffield over the weekend and new years day while i'm laid up.
He gave me some Steroids to ease the pain that i've been getting but it means that i can't drive due to the risk of me having fits and blacking out.
keep fighting it paul you know you can, as you are the man hope to see you soon
take care and be good
john h
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