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Originally Posted by JerryD View Post
Don't dangle March's in front of me Conor!: I've been looking at one - the 10-60x 52 - which I can afford, but I'd never afford the ensuing divorce Besides which, it doesn't come with your FT ret as standard (although the 2.5-25 and the 5-32 do, for some reason??)

I can get away (just) with around a grand - hence the 20-50 Leupy. And after spending all that money no scope, no matter how precise at ranging, will tell me how much offset to give the shot for wind.

You can always have the ret fitted when ordered... they'll even retro grade it (i think)... i'm mulling it over but I suspect it will have to wait till after winter league.

If you can wait till next season or chance me doing an MFTA winter league shoot, I''m more than happy to let you look through mine for a while. Alternatively we have Wendover on the 20th, you'd be most welcome.

And no, i'm not on a %... I just think that if you're dropping close to 4 figures, dropping more may be worth considering, because you'd probably only do it once...
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