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Originally Posted by Conor View Post
Mine, which is it's daddy, the MarchX, rangefinds from x30-x80 to the same reference point on the wheel, but with the sheer clarity of the optics, you need to pick a specific detail to focus on, on 80 its either 55.5yrds or not, whilst at x30 its a tad slower but if needed you can/could use it, but not the same snap due to clarity in optics.
Don't dangle March's in front of me Conor!: I've been looking at one - the 10-60x 52 - which I can afford, but I'd never afford the ensuing divorce Besides which, it doesn't come with your FT ret as standard (although the 2.5-25 and the 5-32 do, for some reason??)

I can get away (just) with around a grand - hence the 20-50 Leupy. And after spending all that money no scope, no matter how precise at ranging, will tell me how much offset to give the shot for wind.

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