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Originally Posted by Neil-T View Post
Hi Rob, I have had an MPR FT and the air stripper doesn't really do anything. If you take it off and look through it, there is no cone to strip the air. I am not saying it does not strip some air, but to be efficient there needs to be a cone. Adding a silencer will not alter power, but in some instances I have noticed a slight drop in POI. The Rowan one Is a cone type and will strip air more efficiently but will not silence it. NEIL.
The bit on the end is not supposed to be a stripper, it's a muzzle brake !

I had an MPR and the muzzle brake being open at the top used to swallow a bit of water during our soft wet scottish downpours. This resulted in big puffs of water vapor exiting the barrel along with the pellet, doing accuracy no favours. When I tried covering the openings on the muzzle brake during wet weather my scores dropped. I experimented in the indoor range at NASGARC, shooting groups of pellets with the openings covered then without and not only did my zero shift, but groups with the openings covered were nowhere near as tight. The muzzle brake works !

As for strippers, I recently purchased one for Deadlyson's Air Arms S400 from UK Neil. I was dubious about the advantages of these, (undoubtedly great looking bits of kit) but after fitting the stripper to the wee fella's rifle it was putting pellets through the same hole, where as before it was shooting pinky nail sized groups. I would advise anyone out there thinking of purchasing one of these to contact UK Neil.
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