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Default A Good one .

If you try to use a 20 +50 on 50 mag , then yes you will find times when it will struggle .BUT why would you want to use it on 50 mag , when it works very well on 35 mag out to 55 yards . having said that i sold my old 20+50 and bought a 35 mag comp X . a very easy scope to use indeed , as long as you use a three inch sidewheel and a high scope mount . ( IE three and a half inches above the line of sight ) the scope is not a snapper , coming in slowly . but with the combination of small sidewheel and high mounts if it comes in between 50 and 55 , just dial up 52 and shoot . you do NOT need to know the distance to the yard .the 20+50 is a very good scope BUT it takes time to learn . the Comp X you will get the hang of much quicker and it is cheaper at between 650 to 750 secondhand ??? HOLLY
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