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I use a Ev2 at the momment but i am going over to Steyr, i have mounted a big nikko on top .

I expect with both of these guns that i will get some degree of change with the temprature.
This is mainley due to the air density and the cold efecting the gun, more so the air density
the way i deal wioth this by getting the gun out and leaving it to aclimatize to its outside

I then check my 50Yrd aim point if i find this to have changed i simply remove turret and re sit at the
right clicks to get me hitting the right spot,

These shifts only seem to happen at certain tempratures say below 10 deg ande then again at 4 deg.
The reason i use 50 yards is two fold most long range targets are set around that distance and also because
as the targets get closer adjustments for the clicks decrease,
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