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@BOMBER like I said, I ve already filed a lawsuit with the competent Court here in Athens and an extrajudicial protest was served upon Paul Wilson, if that's what you refer to as orderly conduct. On the other hand, I believe that one of the many reasons for joining a forum is also to be informed about related professionals and how they act. If i were to just go about minding my own business, filing the lawsuit and keeping it all to myself, potential buyers would not be aware that this could happen to them as well. I am not saying he's not been doing a great job, I m not saying he hasnt provided many shooters with beautiful stocks, I m just saying this is what happened to me and I find it unacceptable. Also, i wont lie and will admit that when someone's taken your money and on top of that speaks to you like he did, you feel the urge to expose him as much as possible, no matter what your profession is.

@chrisc I absolutely agree, he should have his saying as well. I have all receipts, text messages, etc. it would be interesting to see what he says. ( its now been 8 months since I ve ordered and fully paid for the stock)

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