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Originally Posted by BOMBER View Post
Not doubting you are a lawyer bud but then why would you not go about this in a proper orderley conduct. You may have a valid point but by posting the above on a forum that is full of shooters that have been dealing with paul for years will do your case no favours.
Sorry Mick but i can't agree with that. I too have known Paul a very long time and he has done work for me as well with no problems. However there have been rumblings for quite a few years now about the speed of delivery and lack of contact. I'm sure that none of us on here would have put up with waiting 4 months for something that was promised and had been paid for but we have the luxury of knowing Paul and his contacts in the UK.

I have no doubt at all that Paul will deliver the stock as he IS straight as an arrow and his reputation is as important to him as mine is to me.

You always have to be a bit cautious with threads like this as you don't get both sides and sometmes the odd fact is missed.
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