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Default J.S.B. E.Mail to John Waterfield

Hi Guys

The last contact I had from Pavel at JSB concerning this problem, he informed me that their engineers and quality people were working on it. Bearing this in mind I have not been in contact with them for some 3 to4 weeks, this is to allow them a chance to work out a course of corrective action and to start and carry it out.

I E Mailed Pavel on 19.2.09 to ask about any progress, I have had the following reply (I have copied and pasted it from his E.Mail)

Hi John,

Many thanks for keeping in touch.

The consistency between different batches of pellets is bound up with the consistency of tools. Our engineers adjusted our quality demand on the tools. They made the tolerances much stricter. However our tools supplier is not able to meet it fully even for higher price. We are looking for different supplier but it is not easy to get such a tools in absolute top quality in reasonable time and costs.

I assure you we have been working on the problem and hope we will manage to solve it soon.

Best regards,

Pavel Kolebac
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