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Originally Posted by JerryD View Post
Thanks, but I'm really looking for something around 40x min, with good clear glass, reliable rangefinding, zoom to lower mag for standers, and doesn't weigh a huge amount. I have a front focus 18-40EFR but it's a bit too vague on the ranging to go on my main FT rig. I'll stick with the Elite 4200 until the right scope turns up.

It may not be in the budget, but the March 10-60 fit's all those bills. Worth considering. It snaps like no other scope i've used, it weighs the same as a leup comp, it's warrantied for life, doesn't need a 50ft, you have a choice of rets like Conor's FT ret, and has the variable mag. Apart from a minor but completely workable temp shift, i'd say it's perfect. Just that perfection comes at a hefty price.
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