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Originally Posted by RobF View Post
Did your rep not pass on the proposals that went out before the meeting last year as well?

Even if there were two from Wales doing all the GP's, with last year's numbers that means 3 people competing across the season. Now if Richard Baker elected not to shoot SFT, then that would be the pair of you then... if so, surely you can work out who wins?

1 person did enough GP's last year.

2 people shot 2 GP's that were in their region.

2 people shot 2 GP's that were held at the same club.

The rest shot one GP at their home region/club.

If there are other SFT shooters, they haven't seem to say anything over the past 2 years at least when the matter was up for discussion, and haven't seemed to have competed.
Alas, financial restraints meant I had to leave the sport for the last 2 years and had to sell all my gear so am in no position to comment on anything that happened during that period..

WAFTA did, however, discuss the matter prior to the AGM, you will notice that they, along with SWEFTA voted against dropping it.
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