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Originally Posted by ellis d View Post
Instead of moaning on about a class of shooting thats been ditched because of a complete lack of interest, U could ask for some advice from an experienced hft shooter on how to range find with a low mag scope.....but then again maybe not after the way you have just described not into hft myself but theres a bit more to it than you have just described it....a bit dissrespectfull in my opinion.
Not nearly as disrespectful as you dismissing MY sport as being just like HFT.

Just how would you or any range-finding FT shooter feel if the AGM decided that FT was getting too far from its roots and decided that henceforth no range-finding was allowed but you could still use your expensive scopes as long as you only used a maximum of 12x power and set parallax for both targets in the lane before putting the scope to the eye?
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