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I have just got around to reading the draft minutes of the BFTA AGM on the website.

I find it interesting that the chairman's report included:

"My only concern going forward is that we forget what the BFTA was originally set up for, the masses,
and instead we only focus on the few, major competition shooters, distancing us further from the club
shooter and watering down our kudos within the wider shooting fraternity by being seen as narrow
minded and competition focused organisation.

I can't think of anything more calculated to distance FT from the club shooter than dropping SFT.

Whereas before there was a discipline for shooters with basic equipment (surely the "masses" referred to above?) to take part in, now the message is that unless you are lucky enough to have the means to purchase a proper target rifle and expensive range-finding scope then don't bother.

If the issue was about the cost of trophies and the fact that on some GPs there were more trophies than competitors then why not just cut the trophies to, say, 1st place only - or even scrap them for individual GPs and just recognise dedication and success at the end of the season?

As I have said before, I don't give a toss about collecting glassware, but I do care about having a sub-discipline where I take part with others on a level basis with us all estimating ranges and using relatively low powered optics.
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