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Originally Posted by RobF View Post
So that's the real reason, Pax can't make them.

If someone has some of these, i'll stick a load through my guns, indoors at 25yds to start with, and shoot comparative groups... i'll get it witnessed and post the results here.

Then we can see what guns they group in and what excuses come out this time.

If the tests don't prove there's anything to back up the claims, future posts about Pax pellets by supplying parties are likely to be treated as spam.
Rob, as far as I know, the pellets are made on a modded rivet former. The wire is fed into the machine and the die forms the pellet.

I don't think the machine is able to cycle waisted pellets because they would not be able to be ejected after forming.

Or something like that.

I must say I had very good success in all conditions with 14gr .22 Defiants (split skirts) in my HW80. I only switched to Falcon Accuracy because I got very slightly better groups. There wasn't much in it, though.
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