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Originally Posted by Conor View Post
Is there a way to permit the use of one's air weapon in Scotland, if travelling there to shoot in a competition, if one does not live there and does not have a certificate??
See ss 45 - 51 of the proposals, they intend a system of temporary visitor permits similar to those operating currently in Northern Ireland.

Holders of GB/NI FAC's or Shotgun certificates will be deemed to satisfy the requirements for issue a "Scottish air weapons visitors permit".

Holders of an EFP or other appropriate national certificate from other nations may be deemed to satisfy the requirement at the discretion of the Licensing Authority

Other categories of person will have to show "good reason" such as a formal invitation to shoot or, presumably, a competition entry

The temporary permit is proposed to last for 3 months and there would be a fee payable. The proposals make reference to the possibility of introducing a "competition" certificate lasting 1 year for "suitably qualified individuals". The fee for this would be higher than the 3 month version.

The proposals do not specify a level of fee, for any of the proposed certificates, either temporary or permanent.

So the question is, how long after the consultation period ends and the legislation is enacted in Scotland will we find some Parliamentary sock-puppet seeking to introduce the same South of the Border ?

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