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Originally Posted by Dave Ramshead View Post
They didn't work as well in my guns, so I just bought another case of JSB's.

I really wanted these to work, weight consistency was fantastic, they look well made, but didn't perform.

It's about time pax produced a standard shaped pellet to go head to head with well made diablo's. Theory of the bullet design may be superior in wind tunnels etc, but the bull**** stops when it comes to group size performance and knocking targets over.
Can not Stamped out a Wasted Pellets

Bullet Shaped is Far better

Does need to be right Head Size for Gun

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Following Post Hugh - issued Following Statment

As the manufacturer of the Defiant FT pellets I have been asked to comment on the poor results that a “so called expert” posted on Utube using an HW100 magazine fed but without a fixed rest.

The magazine of the HW100 has a space larger than the length of the Defiant pellet from where the O ring holds the pellets to the breech. This means that the pellets have to jump the gap and do not always enter the breech concentrically.

A longer pellet of the same weight will give better results in windless conditions but the Defiant HFT is short as it is designed for HFT shooting and should buck the wind better than a longer pellet.

The reason why it groups better in spring piston /gas ram air rifles is that the pellet is fed directly into the barrel and therefore single shot HW rifles shoot well even though they use the same HW barrel as their magazine fed counterpart PCP.

When conducting a scientific test the rifle, if the rifle is a PCP it should be mounted in a fixed rest which does not rely on the shooters ability, as we always do when testing our pellets.

If it is a spring piston/gas ram the barrel should be clamped in a recoiling reducing rig using linear bearing and not clamped solid so that it is not free to recoil.

Hugh Earl
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