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Note proposals

The Panel considered that the new legislation should as far as possible
adopt the existing, widely recognised technical and legislative definitions for
air weapons. In general terms this would mean adopting the industry
recognised definition of an air weapon as one which is capable of producing a
kinetic energy between 0.7 foot pounds (1 joule) and 6 ft/lbs in the case of an
air pistol, or 12 foot pounds in the case of an air weapon other than an air
So that's all pistols and rifles then...


27. The issue of air weapon owners shooting targets in, for example, back
gardens – so-called “plinking” – is a particularly difficult one for the Scottish
Government. This has been a common pastime for many shooters in
Scotland and a number of Panel members, and other correspondents, have
argued that it offers an “entry level” for young shooters who go on to take up
the sport on a regular and more organised basis.
28. While this may well be the case, the practice of target shooting in urban
or built up areas concerns Ministers, the media and the general public. Apart
from immediate public safety concerns, the visibility and ease of access to a
weapon in such an environment can lead to alarm or to misuse. While
Ministers are very aware of the history of such domestic and hobby shooting,
the Scottish Government has a wider responsibility for the safety and
reassurance of the public. The sight of guns in residential areas is no longer
Kiss goodbye to home practice, or have your home 'cleared'. Seems more restriction on shooting an airgun than FAC.
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