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Originally Posted by GTC View Post
ayup m8 , i shoot the nefta w/l sft and dont usually change my pa from my sft setting, theres nowt better than knocking a 50 and a 55yarder down and then watching ft,er miss em, and im not talking about you at thorne dell this year calp.
Anno fella I used to knock plenty of them down on the FT courses ... a wee bit more luck than judgement I might add.

I was just asking how they were running it. However they do it will be just dandy.

No point pretending though that all HFTers are turn up and be happy no matter what type creatures. There was a lot of disgruntlement when the rule changed to include 25mm 40 yarders, as a lot of shooters said that without a super expensive scope you couldn't see the 1 inch kills at 40 when they were a bit blurred. I personally thought that was boll0x as I can see them with my dodgy eyes and an old Simmons. So what will they be like shooting at a 55 yarder? Should be ok at this event as it's springer shooters ... a much hardier bunch.

S'pose you can't win. I'm trying to encourage as many springer HFTers as poss to attend. I worry that there may be some that may be thinking ... not shooting that if it's out to 55 as I won't be able to see some of the targets ... but maybe there'll be just as many that would be put off if any twiddling is allowed in the HFT class as they don't see that as true HFT. Giving folk the option like in HFT extreme, where you can choose to range by eye and then set focus before looking through scope, may satisfy more people and encourage a bigger HFT attendance?

Calps has said they have talked a lot about this and he knows a lot more about boom boom sticks and knocky down targets than I'll ever know ... so whatever they come up with it will be great to have a load of springer guys shooting together.

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